time to chill…

thankful that the weekend is here. its time to chill for a bit, but the next 3 weeks are going to be crazy. i have all day work meetings next week and the following two weeks i’m back to school. always love school when in it, just takes work to do homework and prep for class. 


coasting through…

was reading through Hebrews 3:13-19 today and wrestling with the idea of how sometimes i like to go on autopilot. my prayer today is that God shows me where i’m just coasting through on my relationship with Him and help me change it so that my original confidence in Him is held firm…

family group thoughts…

The best way to start a church or bring a church back to life is through the start of and continuing to multiply of family groups.

The family group structure should be the primary organizing structure that holds the church together and moves it forward.  The weekend church experience should not be used for this purpose.

As a family group leader I need to model the way first and then invite others into the same experience and ‘apprentice’ new leaders.

Programmatic methods should not be leaned on.  Rather it is personal ownership and a commitment to live like Jesus in today’s world.

The paid leaders of the church need to be focused on being equippers of the family group ministry, not paid to do ministry for today’s consumer culture.

When gathering as a church, we need to be lean, nimble and look to be less expensive.  This allows us to stay on mission.

Our church’s discipleship practices need to be active, not passive.  The discipleship practice should be in the church community, not as an individual.  Discipleship needs to be integrated with the family, not isolated or separate from the family.

We need to recognize that the Gospel message is a verbal and active witness and it is clearly and most visibly seen in a community that lives the Gospel message out intentionally. This reveals the Kingdom of God to the world.